Mobile Market


Launched in 2018, our mobile food market is essentially that... a market on wheels!  Thanks to our partners at Christian Brothers Automotive Parker who financed this endeavor, we're able to take our market on the road and bring food to the people who need it the most. 


Guests are able to shop this market much like they shop our brick and mortar location.  Stocked with meat, dairy, fresh produce, breads, canned goods and more, we're able to feed up to 100 families in a 2-3 hour period and provide them with enough food to last up to 2 weeks. 

Over the summer, our Mobile Market has been stopping in several locations in Aurora, feeding many of the families who participate in the Food for Thought program during the school year.  We have also been visiting a few senior complexes in Castle Rock, serving some of our elder guests.   


If you are interested in partnering with SECORCares to utilize our Mobile Market, please contact us for more information.