Food for Thought - feeding our youngest


No child should go hungry.

In Arapahoe, Douglas, and Elbert counties there are almost 58,000 children in PK-12 (almost 1/3 of all students) at risk each and every week of not having enough food to eat. Join SECORCares in providing food to our youngest and their families through our Food for Thought program

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Hunger in our Schools

For the first time in history,  3 out of 4  public elementary school teachers say they see  students regularly come to school hungry, and experience anxiety when it’s time to go home on the weekend or over vacations because they are not sure if they will get to eat.   

Students often save food from their school lunch to take home so they will have something to eat later.  

The Impact on Our Children  

  • Hungry children exhibited 7 to 12 times as many symptoms of aggressive behavior than their at-risk or not-hungry peers.  

  • Hungry children were significantly more likely to receive special education services, to have repeated a grade in school and to have received mental health counseling.  

  • Hungry children suffer growth impairment that greatly hinders their full physical potential.  

  • Hungry children are sick more often, and more likely to have to be hospitalized.  


Our Unprecedented Opportunity  

According to the Colorado Department of Education(CDE), nearly 58,000 children (PK-12) - almost 1/3 of all students - in Arapahoe, Douglas and Elbert counties are at risk for going without food on the weekends, the majority of whom are in the elementary schools. Working together, we can change that. 

Currently, SECOR partners with 19 schools in Arapahoe, Douglas and Elbert counties to provide healthy food on the weekends for children and their families who otherwise may not eat.  We have requests from more than 25 new schools representing more than 1,500 children per week who need our help. By partnering with SECOR and Food for Thought, you will provide healthy food for the most vulnerable children giving them and their families meals for the weekend.  


How Food for Thought works: 

The leadership and counselors at our partner schools provide us with  a headcount representing the most ‘at-risk’ students. SECOR organizes and packs bags of healthy, nutritious food, then delivers them to the schools during the week.  The schools hand them out to each child before they leave for the weekend.  

Ten Dollars. One Child. One Week.  

You, your family, friends and organization can provide food for one child for only $10.00 per week, so:  

  • Feeding 1 child would be $10 a week or $40 per month.  

  • Feeding 2 children would be $20 a week or $80 per month.  

  • Feeding 3 children would be $30 a week or $120 per month.  

  • Feeding 4 children would be $40 a week or $160 per month.  

Or Impact an Entire School!  

Let’s use a local elementary school as an example: They have 30 ‘at risk’ children each week. 30 children at $10 each equals $300 per week or $1,200 per month. By coming together as a group and sharing the cost you begin to re-write the stories of an entire school of at-risk children.  


Companies / Organizations / Groups

For more information on the program, or how you, your company, organization or group can provide food for these at-risk children, please contact Lisa, our Food for Thought Coordinator.

Individuals wishing to help:

If you are an individual and would like to help with our Food for Thought program, please sign up here. You can help with

  • Packing the truck (Monday mornings)

  • Packing bags (Wednesday mornings)

  • Substitute driving (Wednesday/Thursday).


Thank you to our Sponsors!

Our Food for Thought program wouldn’t be where it is today without out sponsors. Thank you to:


If your business or organization would like to sponsor our Food for Thought program, please contact us today!