Even the mightiest of oaks

started as a single seed


As with many great organizations, SECORCares had a very humble beginning. 

In the 1990s, SECOR (South East Community Outreach) began as a Christmas Outreach program from the Southeast Christian Church in Parker, CO, offering food and gifts to those who might not otherwise have a Christmas.  From there, it grew into a year round outreach program, feeding families in need. 

In 2006, SECORCares became their own entity, an official, 501C3 non-profit, and began to expand their offerings and their reach.  The free food market took shape as a real market, donations started to grow a bit more, but still, suburban poverty's foothold in our community was widening.  There was more work to be done, which meant we needed to grow more, too.  It took several years, but finally, things started to fall in place.   

Our Food for Thought program became an official outreach in 2015.  Through this program we are able to provide healthy meals each weekend to families whose children are eligible for free or reduced lunches.  Since its inception, Food for Thought has grown from serving 3 schools to 19 schools throughout our Arapahoe, Elbert and Douglas counties.  As we acquire additional funding, we will continue to expand the number of schools we serve, as there are still thousands of children and families in those three counties going without food on the weekends. 

The year 2018 saw yet another expansion for SECORCares – SECOR for Seniors and the Mobile Market.  For our senior guests, we added not only our free food market, but also some medical and dental care, including one day each month just for senior foot care.   As with our other guests, we also offer guidance to our seniors on budgeting and financial management, since the majority of them are on fixed budgets.  Most of all, we offer our senior guests community and a sense of belonging. 

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our sponsor, Christian Brothers of Parker, the Mobile Market became a reality.  Christian Brothers built a specialized truck, designed to allow us to take the Free Food Market on the road this summer.  We specifically target the neighborhoods and schools we serve during the school year with our Food for Thought program, knowing that these families need food all year long, and not just during the school year.  We also serve several senior communities, ensuring they, too, have healthy meals. Watch for us on the road! 


This year, in 2019, we will be moving to a new space which will triple our square footage and allow SECORCares to expand our storage, our market, our services and the number of guests we can serve. Thanks to the Soloman Foundation, a long time sponsor who is building the new facility,  SECOR will continue to rent at a significantly reduced rate, while being able to serve so many more in need.  We will also be sharing space in the building  – and the costs - with other non-profit partners.  The possibilities are endless and we are excited to see how we can broaden our services moving forward! 


Today, SECORCares continues to grow and expand not only the number of guests whom we serve, but also the myriad offerings to our guests.  From Food for Thought for school aged children to life coaching through our Community of Hope, to resources for our senior guests, SECORCares continues to create new opportunities through the support of our sponsors, partners, volunteers and donors.  We hope someday, there will no longer be a need for our services, but until then, we are here for those who do!